Neo Metronome

Features to enjoy in Neo Metronome app:

– Maximum precision metronome

– Intuitive & easy to use interface

– Universal metronome app for phone and tablet

Tempo Animations:

– Visual flash – see the beats!

Tempo rates :

– Manually adjust to any desired tempo

– Tempo ranges from 10 to 500 bpm (beats per minute)

Time signatures :

– Manually set the ‘beat per bar’ you want !

Save your Metronomes!

– Save your Settings and load with just one-click, so nothing can get in your way of practising music !

Tap Tempo :

– Don’t know what your tempo is? Just tap the hand sign to measure !

Sound Sets :

– Over 10 unique sounds for every band and style

– Digital metronome

– Analog metronome

– Drum metronome

– Piano metronome

– Cymbals metronome

– …and many more cool sounds !

Neo Metronome is designed by Neokid Music School and free to use by music schools’ students and teachers.

For more informations, visit us at !



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