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Paradise Game English Vocabulary

Learning English is good for anyone.
The most important of this is vocabulary, if you can know more vocabulary this means you can know more and easy to talk what you want.

Learning vocabulary is the work that you need to do everyday.
And it is nothing better than play it as a game and with your mobile.
Learning this with voice and it will make you remember more than usual.

It include fast food, which it very popular with everyone.
Nature elements will give the familiar with Tree, Stone, and more…
Or just some of tool in the kitchen like knife, bowl, …

You can learn vocabulary about kitchen, bathroom, bedroom,… with colorful and clear images.

+ More than 100 words for you to play
+ With 12 topic about fast food, home, …
+ Have voice to make you can hear to learn English very well
+ Drag and drop letter to make the words
+ Examine Mode to test your learning about each topic

Download: Link