Fruit Rush: Similar

Fruit Rush:

The classic  card matching game now have new face. The Fruit card can help you more comfortable and relaxing.

Come and test your memory with our matching card.

Easy to play and suitable for everyone. Just try and have fun.


Have 3 diffirent level: 3 x 4, 4 x 4 and 5 x 4

New design game card with flat design

Easy to play and free for all.

How To Play:

Just choose 2 similar cards and you got them


Menu_FruitRush Playing_FruitRush Playing2_FruitRush Winning_FruitRush

* Mô tả:

– Đây là game nhỏ lật 2 lá bài có hình giống nhau. Mình đang phát triển thêm.

– Game có 3 chế độ chơi: Dễ, Trung bình và khó với số lượng bài khác nhau.

– Bao gồm có Leaderboard, archivement



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